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Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter CL-600E
This product utilizes ultrasonic sound to determine the height of up to six overhead cables and wires. The instruments are designed primarily for power cable applications and for telecommunication applications.
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Digital RCD (ELCB) Tester CL-5406
Working Voltage: 230V15%Hz
Creepage Level Selection: 10/20/30/200/300/500mA
Fault Action Time: Max.1000mS
Accuracy: 8% (Electric Current); 0.6% 4dgt (Voltage)
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Digital Ground Resistance Meter CL-910 /CL-910A
This product is an earth resistance tester for testing power distribution lines, in-house wiring system, electrical appliance etc. It also has an earth voltage range for earth voltage measurement.
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Digital Earth Tester CL-4105A
Earth Resistance: 20/200/1000 (2%+3)
Earth Voltage: 0-30V (2%+5)
Resolution: 0.01
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Analog Earth Tester CL-4102A
Earth Resistance: 10/100/1000 5%
Earth Voltage: 30V (about 5k/V) 5%
Led Indication
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