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Stroboscope DT-2350P
Measuring Range:
DT2350PA: 50~12000FPM
DT2350PB: 50~40000 FPM
DT2350PC: 50~20000 FPM
DT2350PE: 50~2000 FPM(fit for print and textile)
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Engine Tachometer GED-2600P
Measuring range: 100-9999r/min (Engine)
Detection method: engine electromagnetic induction
With RS232C interface
Accuracy: \(0.05%n+1d)
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Engine Tachometer GED-2600
Measuring range: 100-20000r/min (Engine), 2.5-99999r/min (Laser)
Detection method: Engine electromagnetic induction, Laser reflective
Resolution: 0.1/1
Accuracy: \(0.05%n+1d)
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Tachometer DT-2856 (Laser/contact Type)
Measuring range:
rotative velocity:
2.5~99999r/min (Laser)
0.5~-1999r/min (Touch)
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Tachometer DT-2857 (Laser Type)
Measuring range:
Rotative velocity: 2.5~99999r/min(Laser)
Laser tach detecting distance: 50~600mm
Accuracy: \(0.05%n+1d)
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